NN secures Patrick Johnston

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NN secures Patrick Johnston

Eli Frohmann-Matthews, Head Political Correspondent

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Niles North High School adds a new member to the Viking family.

Patrick Johnston is the new site supervisor for Per Mar Security at Niles North. Per Mar is a company that contracts security guards for organizations.

Previously he worked at the Skokie Police Department for 28 years and five months. For almost 20 years of his employment he was a detective who worked in multiple areas such as violent crimes, robberies, burglary investigation, crimes against persons, orders of protection, visitations and more.

He also was a part of the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force which investigates crimes that took place in the northern suburbs. In addition to all of this he is also a D.A.R.E. instructor as well as a citizens police academy instructor.

When asked what his goals for Niles North are Johnston said, “to facilitate a safe environment for not only the students but the staff and the building. My duties are to make sure people are in position to do that, to make sure that the building is safe and the students are safe.”

In addition, Johnston commented, “people don’t like rules but the rules are always installed for everybody’s best interest. Also, accountability to where the students are is very important.”

When asked what changes could be made to Niles North, Johnston commented, “Is there anything that I can particularly say that we should change right away? No, not anything but I think there are things in the future that could be changed. I think change is always good. Then as people get to know me and I get to know them I  get to know their strengths and their weaknesses, Then we can work together to have a cohesive environment.”

Johnston plans on working with administrators to understand what they expect and what they feel needs attention at Niles North.

“It takes time and you can’t jump in and think you’re superman. You have to understand people in the end. Their different personalities and needs,” said Johnston.

When asked if he has a message for the Niles North Community Johnston said, “In all honesty I came from a police department which is totally different. After working there for as long as I did I was excited to go into the private sector. In this I am enjoying every single minute that I’m here. I don’t find that there is one second that I haven’t enjoyed here even though sometimes it’s a crazy day. That kind of thing keeps me alive. As a police officer, as a detective you’re always going going going going going. And this is just a different avenue. It’s just a different street that I can go on. I think that together we’re going to make a great team.”

In a one-on-one interview with Johnston he also expressed his many interests such as traveling which he has explored thirty of the fifty states and his love for cooking.

If you want to get in touch with Johnston stop by the security office or email him at [email protected]