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US tries to censor the Bible, causing more tension than ever

Ashourina Youkhanna

An anti-Semitic bill was passed by the House that is censoring/banning the New Testament of the Bible. 

The bill called the Anti-Semetic Awareness Act was made originally to stop the pro-Palestine protests in colleges and universities. According to the US.News, “The bill currently before the Senate would instruct the Department of Education to ‘take into consideration the definition of antisemitism as part of the Department’s assessment of whether the practice was motivated by antisemitic intent’ when investigating allegations of discrimination against Jewish students on college campuses.” 

The government believes that the pro-Palestine protests caused a lot of hate and discrimination towards Jewish students. The bill ended up bringing the idea of discrimination against Jewish people since it ties back to the Israel and Palestine war. Through the pro-Palestinian protests, students advocated for the government to aid Palestine. 

By putting this act in place, the government is trying to stop the protest from happening. Even if they put this act into place there are still going to be problems that consist of the censorship of the Bible. Since the House explains “The bill’s text quickly drew criticism from several Republicans, who quickly defected over the idea that the definition would outlaw some parts of the Bible”.  The government not supporting its citizens’ voices in supporting Palestine, and being strongly allied with Israel caused more local problems like the censorship of the Bible.

The government is trying to say that the Bible is a form of hate speech toward Jewish people. It is also related to the government trying to provoke people on college campuses to talk about the war between Palestine and Israel. The government believes that they don’t want to bring the Jewish background. They ended up believing that if they passed this bill it would affect the Bible. This means that the Bible correlates with the bill by telling people that they are not allowed to read/talk about the Bible. 

If the government passes this bill tension in the country will rise due to many people believing this bill is inappropriate. The bill stated that the Bible was a form of discrimination against the Jews, proving that the U.S. was willing to do anything for Israel without taking into consideration what they were doing to the Americans. 

The U.S. was a country that believed in all religions and accepted one another. On the money it even says “In God We Trust”. Now they want to pass a bill that censors the Bible which is a book of religious beliefs. The bill at the moment is being passed to the Senate. If this bill does pass it would cause a lot of tension. The people would end up bringing their natural rights since the inability to express their religion would go against the First Amendment. If the government put these amendments into place to keep our country at peace, why go against them? The First Amendment states that people are given the right of freedom to express religion, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition.

The government is blindly trying to pass a bill that obscures the First Amendment. This shows that the government is clueless about what they are doing. America is going against everything they believed in just to pass the Anti-Semitic bill that censors the Bible. 

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Ashourina Youkhanna
Ashourina is a freshmen in Niles North. This is her first semester in North Star News. She enjoys listening to music and playing sports.

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