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Iran conducts missile strike against Israel; met with retaliation

Henry Rothenbach
Iran and Israel exchange missiles elevating tensions in the Middle East.

On Apr. 7, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in coordination with proxy groups in the countries of Lebanon, and Yemen, fired 170 drones, over 30 cruise missiles, and over 120 ballistic missiles. Several ballistic missiles reached their targets in Israel causing minimal damage. 

Most drones and missiles were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome, and many were intercepted while over military bases of the United States and United Kingdom. The State of Israel responded on Apr. 18 by launching a missile attack of its own into Iran targeting the city of Isfahan and a nearby airfield, the attack saw the use of a half-ton supersonic missile and caused minimal damage to an airfield in central Iran.

Aside from the airfield, no damage was done to Iran, and no casualties have been reported. No damage appears to have been caused to Iran’s nuclear sites. The United States has stated that the nation had no involvement with the action and was only informed of the plan last minute.

“I think Iran poses a real threat to its neighbors in the Middle East,” sophomore Mike Tigu said.

I think Iran poses a real threat to its neighbors in the Middle East.”

— Mike Tigu, sophomore

This missile exchange has deepened concerns of the conflict in Gaza expanding. Iran has already taken a pro Hamas stance as they fund Hamas and has made threats to Israel during the conflict as well as prior. Concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear program have also been amplified greatly. It is known that while Iran does not currently possess nuclear weapons, they are in the process of building one.

Estimates regarding Israel’s nuclear arsenal range from 90 to 400 warheads. Currently the tensions between Iran and the West inclusive of Israel only truly have an effect on the state of the Middle East. Should Iran build its nuclear warhead, suddenly the regional tensions that already threaten war could very well lead to a small scale nuclear exchange. 

Tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, conflict continues across the region and Iran is becoming louder with its protest. The future of the region is in question, and the possibilities of a much greater escalation remain small but still existent.

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