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Niles North High School | Skokie, IL

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Niles North High School | Skokie, IL

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Kayla Fingerman, Senior

Ruby Rosenberg

What is your name and grade? Kayla, and I’m a senior. I’m going to Bridges next year.

What’s your favorite class and why? My favorite class is P.E. because I get to see my friend Zarah and everybody else. I love to play with my friends and I hate playing by myself. I always have more fun when I get to be around all my friends.

What activities do you do after school? After school, I love to put on my slippers and I love to watch TV. I love to watch Netflix. It’s the best thing in the whole world. I love to watch PJ Masks. I would love to be on Netflix and I would love to be an actress. I just love to relax after a very long day. 

What is your favorite thing to do with friends? Play! I love playing games with my friends like rolling the ball. I also love to play tag! I am on the C.E.C. (Council for Exceptional Students) Basketball team and I love playing basketball.

What do you like about the C.E.C. basketball team? I like to shoot baskets. It’s the best part ever. I feel so happy when I shoot baskets. It’s what I was born to do. Basketball is fun because I’m really good.

What is your ideal day? A perfect day is when I get all smilies on my clipboard. That is my perfect day. They are little faces to show me that I’m doing a good job. I try to get all smilies every day.

What is your favorite season and why? Fall. I love Fall. I love it when the leaves change color. It’s so beautiful out! I love to jump in the leaves and observe the trees.

When you get home from school, what is the first thing you do? To tell you the truth, I take off my shoes, take off my backpack and purse, and put on my touch lamp. My touch lamp is pink! You don’t have to flip the switch, you can just tap it! It’s beautiful. 

What is your favorite thing to do with family? My favorite thing is spending time with them. I also cook meals with my family like pizza! I love to hug my family, and at bedtime, I read bedtime stories with them. 

What is the best experience you’ve had at school? Well, my favorite memory is when I met Sandra. She is beautiful, kind, and loving. She always loves to make me laugh. I laugh so much that my tummy gets sore.

Who’s your favorite singer and song by them? My favorite singer is Katy Perry. My favorite song is “Dark Horse.” I love the dances she does. I play her songs over and over and over again. Katy Perry is fun to dance to and sing along to.

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