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Dylan Welt, Sophomore

Sophomore Dylan Welt.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in life? Well, one time, I went to Florida, and they had this huge steel pan [drum] contest. Whoever had the best solo or gave you a sheet of music to, kind of, just play. I actually did really well and got first place. There were a lot of people, there were, like, hundreds.

What’s the biggest red flag in people, in your opinion? When they easily betray you. When you’re looking for a friend, you want someone that’s actually going to be good; they’re nice to you, whatever. You don’t want someone who’s going to betray you and make you feel not good.

When do you feel the most alive, and why? I feel the most alive when I’m on vacation. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than being on the ocean with boats; it’s just really good. There’s something about being out on the sea, moving fast, the wind and stuff. It’s just like you’re there. You’re really there.

What’s the worst smell? That fart spray stuff that they’re always spraying in the locker room. Actually no, I’ll change that. There was this plant I went to see one year at the Botanic Gardens, but it’s this big plant [that] they bring every year or something. It blooms and it smells horrible.

Are you more of an extrovert or an introvert? Honestly, I don’t like being all quiet and lonely and stuff, you know? If I don’t have people, I have no energy.

Who’s your favorite music artist? That’s a good question. Wings [are] good. They’ve got really calming music. I like Paul McCartney, he came from The Beatles and stuff. I’ve got to put you on. Actually, no, can I change my answer? The Police. I like that tropical style of music, it’s very lively.

What’s your biggest regret in life? I’ve been better about it recently, but in life, you’ve just got to live a little, you know? I mean obviously, stay good, but my biggest regret is definitely not living a little, and just experiencing stuff, and having fun. You’ve got to live life to the fullest, you’ve got to experience things, you’ve got to live on the edge.

What’s a weird food combination that you like, and why? Salmon and crackers. It’s just something about, like, if you have a Ritz cracker plus a little piece of salmon on it, it’s so good. So good.

What’s something that’s popular, but you just don’t like it? Chipotle. Everybody loves Chipotle, I hate it. Honestly, the food just doesn’t hit. It’s just not good. I don’t like it. I don’t know—it’s weird, but I just don’t.

What’s your go-to pick up line? “Are you lightning? Because you’re McQueen.”

What’s your favorite type of food, and why? Sushi. No doubt, 100%, because it’s just so good. Could live off of it. And, for sushi, there’s such a variety of foods. Like, you could just get any kind of sushi you want, and there’s this big selection you can choose from, I love it.

You could time travel, where and when would you go? Okay, I’ve got good knowledge. I’d go to 1938 or something, around that time in the 30s. I’d buy myself this car called the Duesenberg, and then just hide it and hope to God that it saves for future me, because I really, really could make bank off of one of those. Or keep it for myself and enjoy it even more.

What were you afraid of as a kid? Afraid of as a kid? I know: hairspray cans. Okay, so here’s the story: My grandpa used to have a salon, it was a family business. It closed down though. My dad worked there, and I was young, but he’d still let me come in on Saturdays [to] sweep up hair and make some money. And these hairspray cans that I’d always see, on the back of them, they’d have this flammable logo, right? That scared the absolute living crap out of me. I thought, if I used it, I was 100% going to light it on fire. That’s what five-year-old me thought.

What superpower would you not want to have, and why? I’ve got to go with super speed, because I don’t want to have that [a] superpower that would take me away from needing a car, you know? I’d much rather drive a car than just naturally be fast enough to make it [to] places.

If you had to live as a food, which one would you choose? Does a coconut count? I want to be a coconut. You know why? Because they’re on palm trees and they have a really good view. Preferably, I would like to be on a palm tree by a beach, because honestly, my favorite thing in life is tropical [stuff]. That’s it. I just love tropical things.

If money wasn’t a thing and you could buy anything, what would you buy? Every car I’ve ever wanted, because honestly, cars over tropical things. Cars are my favorite thing—I love cars. You know, I grew up around them, I grew up with them, I haven’t run out; I mean, I just love cars. Always. You just show me a car, I would be able to say the name of it, that’s how natural [they are] to me.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I’m not a very good interviewee. There you go.

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