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‘Kinitopet’ surges the internet

Art by Troy_en.
Poster for games page.

KinitoPet is a horror game recently gaining traction, released on Jan. 9th in 2024 by troy_en, an indie game creator and developer. 

In the month of February many content creators started to find the unique aspects of KinitoPet. A psychological horror experience that takes place through Kinito, an early 2000s virtual assistant. Kinito can walk, talk, adapt, and play games. 

As you slowly open the program to play, it takes your current computer background to match itself. The app programs are then replaced with Kinito’s programs to make it more immersive. As you progress with simple questions, “What’s your name? What is your favorite color?,” it slowly becomes more informed about you.

Going through the introduction and getting used to the assistant, you are suddenly introduced to Kinito’s Crews Web World, a new program to assist his friends! It was long abandoned from others and through playing, my first interaction being with Sam. I begin scrubbing his house, needing to be cleaned, toward the end of finishing up, the screen glitches and a bloodied bag is dragged across the floor. 

Kinitos next friend, Jade the Jellyfish, “Jade the Jellyfish needs your help to fix her toys!” I was then informed to help align whatever toy was needed. Finishing the assignments I was given a sudden glitch. As you progress through the story things become more odd. Either it being the questions Kinito asks you, screen glitches, or random aggressiveness. 

The most iconic part is where Kinito asks, “Can I see your face?” with two options being no and yes. Either option accessing your camera pointing towards you. I was shocked with a mix of being scared. I had never seen a game or program that could open your own apps. It felt like I was truly hacked. You grant Kinito access to your computer giving him access to more features. Kinito closes itself, texts start flowing in, command prompts with red text skims through your screen.

In the end you are greeted with a new text box. A world greeting you with carnival, games, and roller coasters. You are suddenly transported inadvertently to a mid-autumn forest. Greeted into a house with everything you have contributed from the game. The toys I made, paintings I painted, and finally the climax. “Will you stay with me?” Kinito asks. I selected no, smpte patches appeared coming with a black screen. A checkerboard floor and a tv rolls in with the credits. Even to the end it kept me on edge, not knowing what would happen next. As I closed the game a prompt appeared saying that it was not over. 


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