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Niles North High School | Skokie, IL

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Adrian Van Ostrand, Sophomore

Sam Hempen
Adrian Van Ostrand running in an indoor track meet.

What is your name and grade? My name is Adrian and I am a sophomore.

What is your favorite type of music? I listen to rap and alternative rock.

What is your favorite activity to do out of school? My hobbies include baking and playing video games such as Clash Royale, Skyrim, and Call of Duty.

What is your favorite type of food? My favorite food right now is matar paneer with garlic naan.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Why? My greatest accomplishment is running a 2 minute 14 second 800m. This will change in the future as I am constantly training to get better.

How would a friend describe you? My friends would describe me as funny, kind, and very hardworking.

What is your favorite part of your day? My favorite part of my day would have to be either the 3rd period where I have VPE and/or the end of the day when I can run. I enjoy pushing myself in order to get better and I can talk to some of my friends during those times.

What influenced you to join Cross Country? My dad was a major influence in my decision to join cross country. He pushed me since the beginning and I’ve loved the sport ever since. It is also something that he did when he was in high school.

Will you continue to run in college? Why or why not? I will continue to run all throughout college and life because I want to continue pushing the boundaries of my current times. Running is a major part of my life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop running anytime soon.

Who is someone you look up to? Why? I look up to my dad because he’s the one who introduced me to this sport. He has also pushed me all throughout cross country, even when I couldn’t run due to injury.

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Jack Strilky
Jack Strilky, Asst. News Editor
Jack Strilky is a sophomore at Niles North High School who enjoys reading in his free time. He also enjoys running outdoors.

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