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Having fun, but staying safe during Spring Break

Ruby Rosenberg
Having fun, but staying safe during spring break should be on every student’s mind. Whether you’re in high school or college, it’s important to stay away from the things that lead to injuries or deaths during this break

As spring break is right around the corner, students are preparing for a full week of relaxing, catching up with friends, and partying. Although spring break is much needed, past years have shown just how dangerous spring break can be.

Most breaks students get during the school year are holiday related events, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. These are breaks most students travel back home, or stay with family. Spring break is the exception. Most students spend spring break with friends and traveling to different places. Although this is most common with college students, high schoolers can be just as likely to partake in common spring break activities. 

Throughout the years during the weeks of spring break the amount of drug and alcohol related injuries/deaths tend to rise. According to totallife, about 50% of men and women tend to completely black out during this time due to alcohol. Blacking out leaves these individuals very vulnerable to alcohol poisoning, and sexual assault.

The crime rate during these times also seems to rise. Crimes such as burglary, public intoxication, and destruction of property are very common during these times. Most of this destruction has taken place near beaches, which has led to many states implementing new safety measures. Florida in particular, a very popular spring break destination, has recently opened up about its plan to enact strict curfews for people, mostly for teens/young adults, bag checks at beach entrances, early beach closures, and DUI checkpoint locations. 

These new precautions are warranted after last year’s spring break ended in back-to-back shootings leaving two people dead. Although Florida does see the most spring break tragedies, all major cities have reported similar incidents. 

Despite the danger that typically occurs during spring break, it is possible to have a fun break, but stay safe at the same time. Before you go out with friends or family, keep a few safety measures in mind.

  • Have a designated driver

Anyone who decides to drink should have a designated sober person, who is not under the influence of any substance, to get everyone back to wherever they are staying. This also goes for teenagers. Although it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink, this does not always stop minors from participating. No matter your age, staying safe should be your top priority. Sometimes calling a driving service like Uber or Lift would also be beneficial. 

  • Chose your company wisely

Who you’re around can have a major influence on your behavior. In some situations someone might feel compelled to do a certain thing or act a certain way in order to fit in with the crowd around them. Even if the people around you are partaking in something like drugs or alcohol, you should never feel peer pressured by anyone you hang out with. A real friend would never put you in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

  • Respect the place you’re visiting

There have already been some complaints towards the restrictions put in place in public areas. People are upset that they are no longer allowed to stay out past a certain time, when in past years they have. Curfews would not be an issue if people could simply respect the areas they’re visiting. This includes not damaging property, or causing public disturbances. 

  • Don’t drink or do drugs

It’s understandable that students want to let loose and have fun after months and months of school, but drugs and alcohol is not the solution. When you’re under the influence of a substance, your mind is affected. Side effects such as altered consciousness, impaired memory, and altered judgment are the main cause of injuries/deaths during breaks. Especially for teens. Before you go out and enjoy your spring break, remember, the most important thing is staying safe.

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