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Experience the best of Japanese cuisine at Kura Sushi Bar

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On Jan. 5, 2024, The Kura Revolving Sushi Bar was welcomed into Old Orchard Place. Since their grand opening, business has been booming and customers are left feeling extremely satisfied. 

A long conveyor belt swivels across the room hitting every booth. On top of the conveyor belt, fresh dishes float around the room that anyone can grab. There is a large variety of menu food items, including roughly 98 different types of sushi platters. 

A typical sushi roll plate will come with 3-4 rolls, perfect for sharing. I like that the menu consists of descriptions of the food and also includes pictures that way you know what to expect. 
Aside from Sushi, the establishment also supplies soups, noodles, hot sides, cold sides, and desserts. 

“The food was delicious,” sophomore Adela Hanic said, “For an adequate price the food was very flavorful.” 

The whole service is contactless. A special robot delivers beverages straight to everyone’s table. It stops at every table for approximately 15 seconds, giving sufficient time to grab the drinks. As it leaves and arrives, the robot plays a happy tune, notifying everyone it is around. 

The human employees are just as amazing as the robot. They are very friendly and accommodating to all their customers. During my first visit, I was approached by 4 employees at different times to ensure my experience was going well. The employees are open to answering any questions or clearing any confusion on how the restaurant runs. 

The ambiance is very inviting. Often, upon entering, customers are greeted by the staff with the expression “irasshaimase” which essentially means “Welcome”. Doesn’t that feel very inviting? Aside from the mood, the restaurant is extremely clean. Employees were consistently scoping the area to clean dirty and empty tables. Every area of the restaurant was kept clean and tidy. 

I had a great time dining at the Kura Sushi Bar. It checked all of the boxes for a fantastic restaurant. It is delicious, affordable, and inviting. What more could someone ask for? I would recommend this establishment to anyone willing to try or who already enjoys eating Japanese food. There is so much variety to the menu that I think anyone would be able to find something they enjoy. Keep this restaurant on your bucket list. 

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Emily Mathee, Features Editor & Asst. Sports Editor
Emily is currently a freshman at Niles North. This is her first year writing for NSN.

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