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Halloween Unmasked: The dark truth of substance abuse among teens


Halloween, a holiday celebrated across the world, often sees the glorification of alcohol and drugs among teenagers. This cultural phenomenon intertwines the festive spirit of the occasion with a more sinister element, where substances become synonymous with the thrill-seeking nature of the festivities.

With an elaborate costume comes a veil of anonymity, so people tend to be more open to trying new things. It’s not that surprising that young minds are led towards riskier behavior like drinking and doing drugs. Costume parties and social events often form the backdrop for such behavior. The desire to embody characters or personas, coupled with the sense of anonymity offered by costumes, can lower inhibitions and lead to riskier behavior. In some instances, the consumption of alcohol or drugs is seen as a way to enhance the Halloween experience, intensify the sense of adventure, or even fit in with peer groups engaging in similar behaviors.

It doesn’t help that the media heavily contributes to it. Through movies and TV shows, Halloween has always been portrayed as wild and free-spirited. This creates a glamour around substance use, which can influence the actions of teenagers at these events. No one wants to be left out or do something alone, especially during a holiday where everyone is expected to go hard or go home.

The real horror lies in the potential dangers. Underage drinking and drug use come with serious risks – impaired judgment, health hazards, and legal consequences. It’s a chilling reality that excessive drinking or drug experimentation can lead to grave consequences, from accidents due to impaired judgment to the risks of addiction and long-term damage.

Parents, educators, and communities must address this issue by promoting alternative, healthier ways to enjoy Halloween. Encouraging and organizing alcohol and drug-free events, promoting safety measures, and engaging in open and honest discussions about the risks associated with substance use can help steer teenagers away from the glorification of alcohol and drugs during Halloween.

Ultimately, fostering an environment that emphasizes responsible and safe ways to celebrate Halloween is essential in combating the glorification of substance use among teenagers during this holiday. By providing healthier alternatives and promoting awareness, it’s possible to reshape the culture surrounding Halloween, making it a time for fun, creativity, and celebration without the need for alcohol or drugs.

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Tenzin Choenyi, Asst. Opinion Editor
Tenzin is a sophomore at Niles North and this is his second year on North Star News. He is the assistant Opinion editor, during his free time he enjoys reading, writing, and binging shows.

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