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Domo Genesis’ newest collaboration with Graymatter is a must listen, here’s why

Cover of What Don’t You Get?! courtesy of Spotify

On Oct. 27, Domo Genesis collaborated with producer Graymatter to produce their newest, What Don’t You Get!? Domo Genesis is most known for his role in the group Odd Future, where Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Syd, and others first started off. Although most of them have pursued a solo career, Domo seems to be on the more serious side of going solo.  

The album begins with Adonis, a minute and a half of calming beats and genius lyrics, “A good ten years and they astonished still//Mortal man to a God like how Adonis feel”. Which is clever considering the song was named after a mortal turned god in Greek mythology. Since his days in Odd Future, Domo has been known for his very proficient and expressive storytelling. 

Throughout the entire album, Graymatter includes clean transitions in between many of the songs, which makes this album all the more enjoyable to the average listener, and Graymatter really matches the new style that we see coming from Domo, creating never seen before chemistry between the two. What Don’t You Get!? isn’t a full album, only consisting of 14 songs, most being just under two minutes, making this a very short and sweet listen. One of our personal favorites is Gifted Creatures, a soulful ballad, where the pair samples the song And I Love Him, by Klass Generation. 

A favorite song on this album looks to be This 2 Shall Pass, ft. Remy Banks, which uses a sample from the song Even This Shall Pass Away by The Sylvers. Overall, this album is a smooth and relaxing listen, which would go well with anything like studying or doing homework. It also features exceptional rapping and steady beats which is very consistent from the beginning of the album to the end and we admire the fact that Domo Genesis and Graymatter stand out when it comes to music, not blending in with similar projects from other creators. This album is best recommended to anyone who’s interested in finding a new, mostly underground artist. 

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