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Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist’s “Voir Dire” speaks the truth

The album cover for the album Voir Dire.

The album VOIR DIRE was recently released by renowned artist Earl Sweatshirt and producer The Alchemist, both of whom have gained a considerable popularity and audience over the last couple of years. The LP was unofficially published on Aug. 25; a further release on streaming platforms followed on Oct. 6. The album is definitely one to listen to, and after several critic reviews and an appearance in different music charts, it’s time to review the creation.

Right off the bat, VOIR DIRE strikes me as a pretty creative, but even more so musically sound, album. The Alchemist is known for his unique producing style, having produced (not counting his unreleased albums) a whopping six albums just this year. Boasting 6.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify as of today, Oct. 24, the famed producer has the luxury of carefully choosing who to work with on his projects, and an album with Earl Sweatshirt specifically has been not only anticipated but also craved by many.

According to, despite “making near-appointment appearances on each other’s projects ever since, including The Alchemist’s 2021 EP This Thing of Ours and Earl Sweatshirt’s most recent solo album, 2022’s SICK!” (, a whole full-length album with just the two musicians has not been seen yet. Earl Sweatshirt’s superb vocal work and The Alchemist’s—to the fullest extent of the word—genius producing abilities join together to create a completely immersive and fantastic musical experience.

The album showcases 11 songs, with a total runtime of just under a light 27 minutes, and in my opinion, this is a great way to divide the album. It’s not too long and the songs don’t feel stretched out; in fact, their three-minutes-or-under time lengths actually work in their favor. Almost all of the tracks in the LP feel very light-hearted and calm.

On top of this breezy and calm overlying theme in most of the album’s songs, though, there are also other, less discernible but certainly present, themes in this production. For instance, take one of my personal favorite songs from this album, Mancala Its background piano tune is calming and actually, at least to me, reminiscent of earlier 90s R&B and other more traditional rap.

However, hidden beneath the catchy warm tune of the song is a meaning behind its words. Earl Sweatshirt, along with guest feature Vince Staples (another great artist), provides an interesting commentary on growing up and trying to navigate life. The song’s lyrics of “I plot on how to prevail and drop gems like “Mancala…//My mama always be there//Taught me to dig//Found the flaws of my father//Went and lost him appeal…” (Earl Sweatshirt), along with Staples’ exploration of wrong choices and their unmistakable aftermath are really something special.

Similarly, introspective lyrics that focus on understanding different parts of life and the human experience are incorporated throughout the album, and along with the overall notably halcyon melody of the album, are what make the LP so incredibly interesting and enjoyable. I honestly really did relish listening to this album and I think that anyone who likes these aforementioned themes will, too.

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Yoni Soloveychik, Asst. People Editor
Yoni Soloveychik is a sophomore at Niles North. This is his second year writing for NSN and he likes a lot of different things.

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