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Laufey’s new album ‘Bewitched’ is truly casting spells on its listeners

Photo credits to Pitchfork

Popular singer and songwriter Laufey, released her second ever album ‘Bewitched’ on Sept 8. The album features 14 songs, with a total listening time of 48 mins, 27sec. The entire album is focused on the idea of everything between love and heartbreak. This is a slight shift from her first album ‘Everything I Know About Love’ which focused more on being a hopeless romantic. 

“I really enjoyed the album. I thought it’s just an album about love, but it’s not, it’s both romantic love, and self love. It’s very dreamy and magical, and was just nice to listen to overall” Sophomore Oliver Dreznick said. 

‘Bewitched’ is very focused on the jazz and classical side of Laufey’s musical interest. In an interview with Morgan Enos she says, 

“It kind of felt like jazz is making a comeback, which I found interesting. I’ve always been a fan of jazz so it was very fun to listen to. It was very soft and her singing reminded me of Elle Fitzgerald”

— Oliver Dreznick

“This is my second album [and]  a return to my musical roots. I’m really leaning deep into my jazz and classical roots… I always had this goal and dream of bringing jazz music back to my generation”.

Taking the direction of focusing on jazz was definitely a good idea. The album was very well received from her audience gaining 5.7 million streams on the first day alone. This number beat the previous record as the biggest debut for a jazz album on Spotify.

My favorite song on the album has to be ‘From The Start’ which has also become a fan favorite. However, I also really enjoyed listening to ‘Promise’ and ‘Dreamer’. Some will say though that the way the songs are set up, a lot of them do seem really similar to each other. 

“I loved the album, I think it had a bunch of hit tracks, but I feel like some of the songs kind of blended together. They kind of sounded the same. But the opener ‘Dreamer’, is personally my favorite one on the track” Sophomore Alden Tu said. 

As the songs continue to be released, Laufey is slowly growing into a very popular and recognized artist. For good reason too. For any fans out there she will be on tour Oct 21-22 at Thalia Hall in Chicago, Illinois. 

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