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Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has impacted the economy more than we realize

Photo credited to Ticketmaster
Photo credited to Ticketmaster

On March 17, popular singer-songwriter Taylor Swift began her Eras Tour. The idea behind the tour is to create a homage of all her different albums, and the “eras” of her life that they represent. This is her sixth ever tour and is easily the most popular, and expensive.  

Taylor Swift has easily become one of the most popular artists, with the most No. 1 albums in history for women. People of all ages, and genders enjoy listening to her music.

“I think she’s a very good role model to young people. She does a very good job at storytelling with her music, especially in her album “Folklore” and I think it paints a very good picture, her songs are very relatable” Junior, Alex Burkman said. 

With her first ever album being released in 2006, the younger generation has grown up listening to her music continuously evolve and get more and more popular. However, this does not stop people from other generations from loving her music just as much. 

“I’ve been a swiftie ever since I was growing up, because my parents passed on a love for great music, and Taylor Swift is the music industry. She slays every kind of music genre and always has something for you to listen to no matter what you’re in the mood for. With that, it was pretty easy to think of how popular the Eras tour has become around the world” Junior Kailey Cabrera said. 

However, recently Taylor Swift has had an even larger impact than making music for people to enjoy. In addition to her social impact, Taylor is estimated to project over $4.6 billion into the U.S economy, she has built a reputation as a giant in the music industry. 

“In every city she visits she donates somewhere. She also pays her workers really well. I’ve seen so many articles explaining how she has impacted the economy in so many positive ways”  Burkman said. 

She has spent over $55 million on bonuses for backup dancers, truck drivers, technicians and so many other people involved in helping to make the tour possible. Every city she visits, Taylor averages about 75k people from around the world. Having this many people, they occupy hotels, eat out at restaurants and use services boosting the city’s income. This has helped stimulate tons of tourism, and travel to every place her tour takes place. 

“Multiple nights of entire stadiums selling out in minutes is hard to imagine, but the magic of what those nights felt like were even harder to imagine. Taylor has a lot to show, from her amazing singing to her new technology that she used. Like creating a light show with special bracelets in the audience. WIth this the tour got really popular really quickly. This helped stimulate a lot of the economy; airplane fares back and forth, hotels, the transportation industry, and everyone who works to make the shows possible. I think a recession would happen if Taylor announced the Eras tour and canceled it!!!” Cabrera said. 

The influence music is able to have on the world goes much deeper than just entertainment. Taylor Swift is one of the best examples of this. Not only is she able to entertain her listeners with good music, listeners are able to feel emotionally connected with her, and she has very clearly done work that has impacted our economy in a beyond positive way.   

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Lily Howard, People Editor & Features Editor
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