Alex Burkman, Sophomore

What is your name and year? Alex Burkman, I’m a sophomore. 

Where were you born and what is your Zodiac Sign? I was born in glenview and I’m a gemini. 

Do you have a favorite artist/song? Taylor swift “you belong with me.”

What is your favorite book? The history of Jane Doe by Michael Belanger.

What is your comfort food? Pasta and garlic bread.

 Do you have any hobbies? Debate, track, theater, and reading.

What have you learned since coming to Niles North? Always be open to new things and people.

Do you have a favorite memory? Really any debate tournament or theater fest.

What clubs do you participate in at Niles North? Debate, track, and theater.

What made you join Debate? I like arguing and a lot of my friends were on it. Also Ms. V kept telling me I should join.

What is your favorite accomplishment from debate? Probably getting to lead and help the freshman. And also getting to see everyone grow and all their hard work paying off.