Matthew Ounsy, Senior

What is your name and grade? Matthew Ounsy, senior.

What are you gonna miss when you graduate? Being able to see my friends all the time.

What college have you been accepted to? UIC

What was your favorite memory from your varsity volleyball season? Practices and just being able to have fun with all my teammates.

What would you say to your younger self? No matter how hard things get, never give up.

How would you describe your volleyball season in 3 words? The best ever.

Would you suggest that someone join volleyball? Yes, you will meet new people and become very good friends.

What teacher helped you out the most during your highschool years? all of them, no one In particular.

What is one important thing you can take away during your high school years? Time management is very important.

What is the regret that you have from high school? Not being able to do more things both in and out of school.