Laydon Biro, Junior


Courtesy to Laydon Biro

Laydon Biro, Junior

What is your name and grade? Laydon Biro, Junior.

What are you looking forward to for your senior year? Going into my senior year I am most looking forward to my senior year of volleyball season. I also look forward to graduating high school with all of my friends.

What drew you towards the sport of volleyball? I started playing volleyball as a hobby in middle school and when I got into high school I started playing volleyball more competitively.

What is your greatest memory so far about your high school season? My greatest memory is probably beating Niles West. It was a very fun and energetic game and I feel like everyone on the team had energy and was just really hyped. Beating west this year was also a really great memory because we had friends on west that we played with during club season so it just made it my favorite memory of all.

What is one key take away you can move forward with next year? Making people laugh and smile, it’s one of the ways I get through my day.¬†

How do you get yourself mentally prepared for a game? I usually just focus on the game and try to block out all distractions because when it’s game time I need to be ready. I also try to get my teammates to be focused because if they are focused then most likely I will be able to focus even better.

Do you have any siblings? I have a sister who’s a freshman and a brother who’s a senior.

What are your hobbies? I like to bike, play games, swim, bowl, and hang out with friends.

What music/artist do you listen to the most? Metallica.

How are you gonna prepare for next year’s season? I’m gonna show up to summer camp, workout, and play club volleyball to prepare for my final year. I’m also going to do a lot of team bonding because I feel like if the team has a good relationship off the court it will make us better on the court