Markiplier’s big announcement: Everything you need to know

Mark takes a short break from YouTube, or at least, is paying less attention to focus on a new movie

Markiplier’s recent video (posted Feb. 28) announced a new project he’s working on. Aside from his In Space with Markiplier, A Heist with Markiplier, Who Killed Markiplier?, and A Date with Markiplier mini-YouTube projects, he’s now focusing on a “more official” one. 

It’s been a year since In Space with Markiplier came out, and ever since, Mark said he’s been working on this new movie which he’s about to begin filming. Over the course of the decade that Mark has been doing YouTube, he’s accumulated skill in producing mini-films that are not officially titled, they were only made for fun. 

“It’s one puzzle to make an interactive experience, so you try to loop back together,” Markiplier said in the video. “But it’s a completely different experience to try to tell an extremely cohesive story that is both entertaining and hopefully horrifying.” 

Getting to the point, he explains how his video isn’t “a desperate cry for help”, but rather a little aid in the game and video recommendations. Since he’s going to be more busy than usual, he says, he’ll need help from his viewers. He’s going to (try to) upload 10-minute videos once a day, and in these videos will be games recommended via his comment sections, Twitter, and his other social media from these viewers. 

“I am opening the floodgates now. I don’t care how you get it to me over the next month, I need it,” Markiplier said. “I’ve asked before for a game suggestion list. . . If you got an idea for something, I’m gonna tap into it because it is requiring all of my creative attention.”

He describes his second issue a bit blandly, but he’s basically going to also work with/assist all of the companies he’s previously been working with for March Madness, as well as filming.

From the middle to the near end of his video, he starts giving thanks to his teams, his companies, and especially, his viewers, hyping up his new project along with generally newer projects. 

“I’ll be very proud of it and then I will be already rushing in to make the next thing because this is how I do,” Markiplier said.

He hasn’t given any sort of hint about the movie itself (title, genre, plot, etc.), but he said to expect some small updates in the future. He’ll be uploading new 10-minute or so YouTube videos every so often, he said, but first, he’ll go through game recommendations and such from his fanbase when he has time to do so.