Student hosted panel to aid hurricane victims


Photograph by Bella Kaminsky

Niles North students host hurricane panel on Nov. 9

Students of Niles North hosted The Hurricane Ian Relief Panel after school on Nov. 9. Climate Change, LatinX, and Who club came together to inform the community about the environmental damages of hurricanes and the people of Puerto Rico who are in need of  resources like food after the devastation of back-to-back tropical storms. 

Attendees also got to enjoy authentic Puerto Rican food from La Palma Chicago.

Climate Change Club presidents Wei Wei and Zoe enjoying food from La Palma (Photograph by Bella Kaminsky)

Climate Change club presented a slideshow on how Hurricane Ian and other tropical storms impacted Puerto Rico, Latin American countries, and other islands. Beyond the environmental concerns of the up-tick in the frequency of hurricanes, there was also a thoughtful discussion on how underdeveloped/under funded communities and minorities are while being hit the hardest by the destruction these storms create.

At the end of the panel, students and faculty were encouraged to take a look on how they can further educate themselves on the emergency, and ways to assist the victims of Ian. Donations to a local Puerto Rican food bank are still being accepted, and a link with the information on how to donate will be shared with the school soon.