Taylor Swift releases Midnights album


photo via Republic Records

On Oct. 21 Taylor Swift became the most streamed artist in a single day with the release of her 10th studio album Midnights. 

The album consists of 13 tracks that Taylor describes as “13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life.” 

Swift’s past two albums have been re-recordings of her previous albums, Fearless and Red. However, the Midnights album is a project filled with new songs by Taylor and her writing and producing partner Jack Antonoff. In an interview with SiriusXM, Swift said, “Everything on Midnights is new work, nothing is left over from a different album.”

The album mainly has vocals from only Swift, with only one feature from Lana Del Ray on the track “Snow on the Beach”, where she doesn’t have a verse but is heard in the background.  The Rolling Stone said, “The only true disappointment on the album is the tease of Lana Del Ray’s feature on Snow on the Beach that’s more of a simple harmony than a true duet.” 

This album is different from others that Swift has released because it has a more gloomy tone to the songs. The singer is usually known for her upbeat pop songs, as some of her most streamed songs like “Shake it Off” and “Bad Blood” are high-energy pop songs. 

To accompany her new album, Swift announced that she would be going on a tour in 2023. The tour will be in the US, and it will be called the “The Eras Tour”. Swift will be performing alongside other artists such as Paramore, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, and more.