How Dance Marathon’s upcoming 5K could help you

Dance Marathon will be hosting its annual 5K run on October 16 at 9 a.m. at Niles West High School. With prizes, extra gym credits, food, and music this run will be something fun for everyone of all ages and skill levels. The proceeds will go to The Harbour and the D219 Education Foundation, Dance Marathon’s beneficiaries.

There will be two divisions, male and female, each featuring a prize for its top runner. You don’t have to run competitively, though; taking a quick jog with your friends is a great way to spend some quality time. Either way, Niles North students participating in this event will earn P.E. credit for two cardio days. Plus, there will be music, snacks, and shirts for participants to enjoy.

When purchased beforehand, the race will cost $15 for students & $20 for adults if running individually. It will be $10 & $15 if running for teams. On the day of the run, however, all of the prices will increase by $5. In order to pay online, fill out this form. After filling it out, a link will be sent-out to your email soon about online payment (you can also pay in person, as mentioned before).

2022 5K marathon poster. (Photo Credit: Dance Marathon)

The 5K is hosted every year, and this year, most of the proceeds will be going to Dance Marathon’s primary beneficiary, The Harbour. The Harbour is a local organization that strives to tackle homelessness by providing poverty-stricken people with meals, education, housing, and employment. They have been serving the north suburbs of Chicago since 1971 and have provided countless people with basic necessities and resources for over 50 years.

The rest of the profits will be going to Dance Marathon’s other beneficiary, the D219 Education Foundation, which helps students in need with grants and economic funds. It is another important organization and helping it ensures many students opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to participate in.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this event, a good idea would be to reach out to teacher and club sponsor Mr. Sharma ([email protected]) or any other of the Dance Marathon executives.