How can we keep our bathrooms safe?

Here at District 219, there are a lot of fights at both Niles North and West. However, a majority of them occur in the bathroom. But what is so fascinating about high school bathrooms? I think the major reason is that there are no cameras. It’s almost like a place where you could do anything without getting caught. However, it seems this lack of security can cause a lot of harm, just look at the recent fight at Niles West. So how can we prevent or at least reduce school fights, especially in the bathroom?

There has been an increase of fights at both schools, so it’s important that the students get the security they deserve. With the recent fight at West, the school made two changes to try to make bathrooms safer. The first was to put security guards near the bathroom to make sure everything was safe. In theory, it’s a good idea but it relies on the fact that you have enough security guards to watch every bathroom. Obviously this isn’t possible as the school doesn’t have the resources and people, so what the school decided was to close off certain bathrooms. I personally think that that is a really bad solution. Using the bathroom should be a basic right at school, and preventing students from it just creates another problem. 

I think the best solution would be to have security guards check each bathroom every 20 minutes. You obviously can’t add cameras or lock the bathrooms and there aren’t enough people to stand and watch every single bathroom. There is no guarantee that fights will completely stop, but it’ll at least reduce the chances, especially if students know that a security guard might stop in and check.