For a show named Our Flag Means Death, it’s pretty hilarious

While watching this show, I did not realize that Stede Bonnet was a person who actually existed. Our Flag Means Death started releasing episodes on March 3 (hey my birthday!) on HBO Max. The story follows an aristocrat named Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), who longs for adventure outside of the monotony of wealthy life. Craving for that adventure, he throws his whole life away, including his wife and kids, to become a pirate. However, he doesn’t have a clue on what it takes to be an actual captain for the pirates on his ship, the Revenge. He eventually comes into contact with the legendary and feared pirate, Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). 

This period comedy comes equipped with a quick wit, tragedy, trauma, and the heartwarming story of a group of misfits. 

First, is the performances: everyone in the cast gives a resounding performance within the show that each character has its own unique personality and quirk about them. Rhys Darby is a great lead for a very complicated character that can be quick witted and charming in one scene, then resoundingly, theatrically, an imbecile. Not to mention, Bonnet’s crew are standouts that don’t come off as cliches. The standouts for me were the odd, moon bathing, seagull talking Buttons (Ewen Bremmer) and the sarcastic writer of the Revenge, Lucious (Nathan Ford). 

This period comedy comes equipped with a quick wit, tragedy, trauma, and the heartwarming story of a group of misfits. 

— Nicole Nantz

Another amazing part of the show is the comedy. I, personally, am a fan of dry wit and random humor. I don’t know how many times I started laughing out loud. But, it doesn’t have just comedy. It has a sense of tragedy and heart to it you don’t see a lot. Where on certain subjects and storylines, it takes it very seriously. 

I do not believe I can talk about Our Flag Means Death without talking about the queer representation within the show. In the year of 2022, we have been seeing more realistic portrayals of these types of relationships. I cannot say without spoiling the show, but what I like the most is that we get to see different types of relationships unfold in the story that are properly set up. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere. There is build up. Some are healthy, some are very toxic, and others are in the middle or struggling. It shows that queer relationships can go through the same trials and drama as their straight counterpart. 

My one nitpic of the show would be that it sometimes feels as though there are too many stories happening at once, and some story plots that are introduced that seem major get sidelined right away. 

Our Flag Means Death is one of the most in demand TV shows right now, and it definitely deserves that title. This show is rated Mature and is not for audiences who can’t handle a little stabby stab and cursing. But, if you like dark wit with some drama then you might make your acquaintance with the Revenge. I give this show 4/5