Googly eyes, family issues, and the multiverse: Everything Everywhere All At Once

On March 30, 2022, the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once came out, and since I heard people raving about it I had to check it out. 

This fast-paced movie follows Evelyn, a Chinese immigrant woman, and her family, as they travel through the multiverse. While it has a somewhat traditional sci-fi plot- a “normal” character being pulled into travel through dimensions to save the world- the uniqueness and depth of the characters and their feelings and motivations really makes this movie stand out. It highlights Asian-American immigrant family issues in a way that really touches people by focusing on all of the little and big aspects. 

Without giving anything away, the disastrous events of the movie really forced Evelyn to decide what she truly valued and made her face her issues with herself, her husband, and most importantly with her daughter, Joy. Evelyn and Joy’s relationship was a major part of the movie and a large source of tension throughout it. They butted heads often, as Evelyn loved Joy and wanted what was best for her, but was more traditional and sometimes harsh with her criticism. As they navigated their relationship, I feel as though they both were able to grow and discover what it really means to love and be alive. 

Coming into the movie, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think that it really does have something for everyone. I think many people can relate to it in a way, but there’s also just so much packed into it. There was such a wide range of emotions: silly scenes, heartfelt scenes, and thrilling ones. The actors did a great job and the characters were interesting and felt personal. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, and as of now it’s still streaming in theaters!