Gas price inflation causes disturbance within NN students, staff

Beginning in February 2022, gas prices have skyrocketed throughout the United States, affecting the majority of the population due to the Ukraine and Russia conflict.

Gas prices have driven inflation to a 40-year high of 7.9% in February and set a national record after 40 years, according to U.S. News. These costly gas prices have affected consumers on a regular basis, as gas is needed to transport from place to place, such as work, school, stores, etc. Gas is a necessity for most people, and the increase in gas prices has heavily affected their lives.

Multiple Niles North staff members were interviewed regarding the increase in gas prices.

“I plan on riding my bike as the weather gets warmer,” Social Studies teacher Ms. Valazquez said. “The increase in gas prices may cause some people to get up, be active, and ride bikes instead of spending an extreme amount of gas.”

When asked his opinion, substitute teacher Mr. Kavesh said, “It’s hard to say, because there are a lot of political factors involved. However, I suspect it to stay high in the near future.”

A majority of the population agrees that politics, specifically the Ukraine and Russia conflict, has caused this inflation in gas prices. They also agreed that they think that with time, as the conflict gets resolved gas prices may decrease.

Gas prices have definitely changed the way I budget my money, especially since it’s senior year and there are so many events to look forward to.

— Mallory Joseph, senior

Several Niles North students were also interviewed regarding the inflation of gas prices and how the rise in gas prices has affected their lives.

“Gas prices have definitely changed the way I budget my money,” senior Mallory Joseph said. “Especially since it’s senior year and there are so many events to look forward to.”

Many students have had to alter the way they spend their money and be more mindful of where else their money is going. A few students also mentioned that they have resorted to their parents paying for their gas, instead of taking full responsibility for paying themselves. Several students have also mentioned that the cost to fill up their gas tank has increased anywhere from $10-$25, within the past few months.

Students were also asked what they thought would happen to gas prices in the future.

“Gas prices will keep rising, thinks that we will switch to more energy-efficient,” senior Leta Blades said. “It is true that many cars nowadays have been switched to being powered by electricity instead of gas. Due to the increase in gas prices and the difficulty of obtaining oil, it is possible that electric-powered cars will become more common in the future of the United States and internationally.”

According to Niles North students and staff, as expected, the increase in gas prices has heavily impacted their lives. As consumers, budgeting and conservation of fuel are becoming more and more essential. It is possible that if and when the Ukraine and Russian conflict settles down, and the United States decided their next move the gas prices may go down in the future. The price of gas prices is subjective and heavily correlated to the United States’ future actions politically. However, as of now it is unknown whether or not the gas prices will increase or decrease in the future.