Locusts swarm Lebanon


Photo Credit to CNN

Lebanon has faced a lot of enduring crises, and a new one is being attacked by swarms of locusts. Army helicopters have killed a lot of locusts in the northeast park of Lebanon, but they are worried due to the fact that locusts are a threat to the crops. Army helicopters are spraying the agricultural land so the locusts don’t eat the crops and no farms have to come to any damage. Locusts aren’t a threat to humans. On top of this, Lebanon has also been facing its worst financial crisis in decades.

In the Baalbek-Hermel region, there are more livestock, and a few cherry plantations have been affected, whereas the southern part of Lebanon has more agricultural land. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) said “The occurrence was unusual for the area but that a change in wind direction had blown the locusts in from Saudi Arabia to Jordan and onwards to Syria and Lebanon.” Luckily, the FAO representative has said they have it under control so far.