Class of 2021 Senior Superlatives!


Photo Credit to Caroline Benjamin

On May 15, seniors enjoyed their prom outdoors in the football stadium. At the beautiful event, the Class of 2021 Senior Superlatives were awarded. Here is who the senior class voted for: 

   Cutest Couples:

Matthew Artajo and Natalie Gomez

Aneeka Jain and Malav Patel

   Best Friends:

Michael Petrusic and Charbel Chlimon

   Most Unforgettable:

Matthew Williams

   Most Likely to go Viral on TikTok:

Joeven Nueva

Alyana Gallario

   Best Dressed:

Meryam Belbaz

   Class Clown:

Kitan Adebowale

   Most School Spirit:

Lexi Conteno

   Most Likely to Become President of the USA:

Ovinabo Banerjee

   Most Artistic:

Ilhana Kisija

   Most Likely to Go Pro (Athletic):

Esma Ajanovic

   Most Outspoken:

Seble Maru

   Best Face Mask:

Fiona Scanu

   Best Zoom Profile:

Zaina Anarwala

   Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize:

Ella Yoo

   Most Likely to Win Master Chef:

Christine Guilbert

   Most Likely to Work for Niles North:

Jake Bartilad

Congratulations to the class of 2021! We hope your lives after college are well spent and that you remember your times here at Niles North.