Is Zack Snyder’s Justice League hit or miss?

The fans of Zack Snyder’s DC universe were finally given what they’ve all been waiting for,his version of the Justice league on the streaming service HBO MAX.The first Justice League that was released was a massive failure,poor character development outside of Batman(Ben Affleck) and Superman(Henry Cavill),strange colors in their attempts to make the movie more eye-catching,and of course the horrifying cgi covering Henry Cavill’s mustache.

Zack Snyder left the Justice League in the middle of production due to the death of his daughter, so Warner Brothers brought in Joss Whedon who made the Avengers a big success to finish the film. However,he had a hard time because the Warner Brothers gave him a strict two-hour run time to meet, plus they also wanted to lighten up the movie with more humor,and to change the tone of the movie to make it feel more inline with Marvel. Most of the characters in the Justice League did not have a stand alone movie so it was very hard from the beginning to make the characters likeable.

Fans knew that there was a lot of footage missing, the trailers and behind the scenes were proof.This started the #releasethesnydercut.So here is the big question: is the Snydercut worth watching?

The answer is yes. I really liked the movie but it does have some problems like the runtime at four hours.The movie did not feel long and it was not difficult to get through.It is a far more interesting movie than its theatre release. 

Steppenwolf(Ciaràn Hinds),the villain of the movie, has way better motives.He doesn’t feel like the generic bad guy who is doing what his master is telling him. His design is more interesting and scarier.

In this version of the movie Flash(Ezra Miller) and Cyborg(Ray Fisher) actually have purpose and without them the heroes wouldn’t have been able to save the day.

In The first Justice League Cyborg was thrown under the bus,now he is the heart and soul of the movie. Ray Fisher was also very vocal about getting the Snyder Cut out to the world. Fisher claims that in the first movie there was racism on behalf of the studio employees.

According to ScreenRant, Fisher has made it clear that he no longer wishes to work with the DCEU while Hamada is in charge. 

 I loved seeing more sense with Alfred(Jeremy Irons) and Bruce(Ben Affleck).And of course the dream that Batman has about the future.In this version of the Justice League we did not get to see to much of Henry Cavill’s Superman but I think that it was actually good for the story it makes sense.

The movie had an amazing world building and I would love to see more of the Snydervers.If you are a DC fan or just love action movies you would really enjoy this movie. 

The Snyder cut is rated R because of some of the very bloody scenes so if you are not good with blood and violence I wouldn’t recommend watching it. But overall the movie is very good and it is worth the four hours.