After 28 years, Daft Punk breaks up


Photo Credit to David Black

The iconic French music duo Daft Punk announced on February 22 through a YouTube video, Epilogue, an excerpt from their film Electroma(2006), that they were officially breaking up. After 28 years of music, Daft Punk’s influence on the music industry was felt, and their splitting makes many reflect on what they have done for music in general. 

We do not have a reason yet as to why Daft Punk split up, according to Pitchfork, Daft Punk’s publicist, Kathyrn Frazier, confirmed the breakup while giving no reason for it. 

The iconic duo was formed in Paris, France in 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, and have had many hits throughout their nearly 3 decades-long career. 

Some of their most iconic songs include, Around the World (1997), Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (2001), Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, and many more. 

Their, now last album, Random Access Memories(2013), won Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammys. What was interesting about Random Access Memories is that it was more of a collaborative album where Guy and Thomas worked with Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas, and many more. Experimenting with the style of their work that they didn’t do before. They have a total of 6 Grammys under their belt. 

Daft Punk has had a large influence and impact on artists. One artist in particular that has been influenced and has collaborated with Daft Punk is one of the biggest music stars today, the Weeknd. They worked with him on songs like Starboy (2016) and I Feel it Coming(2016). 

According to Billboard, the Weeknd posted on his Instagram story combined artwork of the two with, “Thankful to be a part of the journey,” typed below it. 

Daft Punk left the game with a flawless legacy. I would say enviable but impossibly unattainable is more appropriate.”

— Mark Ronson, DJ

Mark Ronson, an English-American DJ responsible for hits such as Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars and Nothing Breaks Like a Heart featuring Miley Cyrus, in a tweet said, “Daft Punk left the game with a flawless legacy. I would say enviable but impossibly unattainable is more appropriate.”

Daft Punk left an undeniable impact on the music genre, not just in electronic or EDM, but music in general. The way they performed and their innovative videos will remain within our memories with the recognizable helmets to match. Though it is sad to see them go, be happy that the group such as this happened.