Niles North Virtual Field Day: What did you think?


On February 10, District D219 hosted their first Virtual Field day for students, staff, and faculty. The North Star News staff sent out a poll asking those who went to the event what they thought.

“This was a great way to wind down and relax on a Wednesday. We didn’t just get to attend one activity, but two, if we wanted. It was also pretty nice that we also can get a chance to get prizes.”


“I liked field day. It was pretty fun and was a mix up from my usual schedule. I wish that less teachers assigned work though. I know they weren’t suppose to but they still gave us work and told us to, “do it not on Wednesday”. But some people have things to do on school days after school and don’t have the energy or motivation (after the activities) to do homework so they do it on Wednesday. So by in large, the teachers need to realize that we have other things in life to do than their work.”


“We used to have a similar experience for North students called “Trek” which was a full day where students attended workshops in interesting topics that weren’t their usual classes. Some of us have really missed Trek, and the Virtual Field Day was quite similar! I think it’s important for students and adults to connect in meaningful ways and that is not always through the curriculum — everyone needs a fun, interesting, and relaxing space at school either in or in addition to our daily classes.”


“I thought it was a great idea. It was a nice break for staff too so I appreciate that. It was nice to cross connect with staff from other departments and NW, meet new people but mixed with students (unlike institute day), and do something light and fun.”


“It was a nice break from the work-filled days Wednesdays usually end up being and allowed for me to relax and learn something new free from any sort of real stress.”


“I thought it was a great opportunity to have students and adults from the district interact together on something non-academic related.”


“It was a nice way for staff & students to connect about shared interests!”


“It was a very much needed break from feeling like every week was exactly the same, it actually helped boost my motivation!”