Pence opts not to remove impeached President from Office

Mike Pence has opted not to declare the president unfit for office, ignoring a 25th amendment provision that would remove him from the White House. 

This latest development comes as the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump by the largest vote margin ever recorded in history, with Mitch McConnell’s senate poised to take the vote once Biden’s term begins.

The growing rift between Pence and Trump has been exposed as of late when the latter was quoted by the New York Times telling the former Indiana governor that he would “go down in history as a p*ssy” if he did not try to overturn the election. Pence was “very upset” upon hearing this, according to Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

 His supporters subsequently attempted a violent insurrection at the Capitol building.

“So we are going to… walk down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Mr. Trump said at the rally. “We are going to the Capitol, and we are going… to take back our country.” 

Social media giant Twitter permanently banned the president a few days later because of rampant incitement concerns.