NSN Holiday Shout Outs

‘Tis the season for gifts and giving! Do you have a special someone whom you’d love to celebrate this year and bring them a little festive cheer? If you’re looking for a special gift that is going to fit your budget and complies with COVID-19 guidelines, send them an NSN shout out! Compiled here are all the shoutouts submitted by our wonderful readers. To all Niles North students and faculty/staff/administration from North Star News: Happy Holidays!


To: Kailey Maks

From: Johanna Siegel

Hey bestie, lolz. By the time you see this you probably know that you aced all ur finals just like I said you would. But, I just wanted to say that you’re an amazing friend and I love you so much. I can’t wait to hug you and see you. “you’re my person” haha. okay well… may we meet again lexa bae:) xoxo- yk who.


To: Johanna Siegel

From: Kailey Maks

I just wanted to say, don’t ever forget how strong you are and never underestimate your self-worth. Also, just as a reminder: you’ll always be my person and may we meet again. Merry Christmukkah!


To: AP Statistics students

From: Georgia Taxakis

You all have been working so hard! I am so proud of each of you for persevering through these challenging times and this challenging class! I hope you all enjoy and relax over this much needed break! See you in 2021!


To: Dr. Edwards

From: “A little elf”

Thank you for your leadership through this semester. I see your efforts to build community and address issues of equity. I also appreciate the humanity you bring to the week in review. Keep taking brave steps. We need you.


To: The Niles North choirs

From: Mr. Gregerman

Thanks for working so hard and keeping the music alive. You all are great!!


To: Laura Fischer

From: Cathy Orlandi

Laura has been a wonderful addition to the Special Education Office Team! Even though we have not been able to work together in-person very much, she has caught on quickly and has such a sunny disposition that it comes through via Zoom and emails! Happy Holidays Laura!


To: Jean Attig and Nick Pahl

From: Romesa Amiwala

Thank you for endlessly supporting me through all my endeavors!


To: Take One

From: Mr. Gregerman

You all are truly amazing. Thanks for teaching me so much this semester and staying in the game. I am looking forward to making more music and memories this year with you all.


To: Amy Koda

From: Francesca Galicia

Hi Mrs. Koda! I really appreciate it when you enjoy seeing my croquis illustrations, especially the ones I draw for class projects. It also warms my heart to see you and another fashion teacher complimenting my work. These illustrations are so fun to create and I will encourage myself to continue doing it. I really want to return the favor back by saying thank you so much as a shout out.


To: North Math Department

From: Mary Frohna

This math team is pretty dang fantastic. It’s only my third year here, but there are many things I miss about the daily interactions with y’all. Obviously the meeting bagels, Becky’s room decor and our food taste tests, but this time of year, I am missing the Holiday Hero interactions. I love sharing joy with all of you and learning more about who you are and what little (or big) quirks you have. :o) Rest well, everyone.