Final exams only four weeks away – clearing up the confusion


source: pieper bar review

At this point in the semester, final exams are steadily approaching us, with only five weeks remaining to wrap up units and to start studying. However, speculation amongst the school population has been circulating: what are finals going to look like? Who is giving out classic tests and who is going to scrap the test from their curriculum?

Dr. James Edwards sent out an email to students on Thursday, November 11, stating that final exams are going to be administered during class time; in other words, there is no unique exam schedule this semester. 

With that to keep in mind, how should students prepare for these tests, if there is not even a certainty that these tests will even happen?

  • Check in with your teachers about finals. 

There’s a good chance some teachers have brushed upon the subject of finals, but not gone into full depth. Communication is absolutely key to laying out your study plans. Reach out to your teachers to see what they intend to do. If no decision has been made in the department just yet, treat your studying as you would during a normal school year with a final exam administered. 


  • Create an outline of which classes need the most attention. 

After figuring out which classes are giving finals, create an outline of which classes need utmost priority. Start with the classes that you for sure know there will be a final, then the classes with the potential of having a final. Then break down your list even further, dividing the classes between which you are struggling in the most and which you are having an easy time in. 


  • Dedicate a little time each day towards subjects you are struggling in. 

This type of studying does not just have to be done in the format of flash cards or pen and paper notes. Going to office hours, watching videos, doing practice problems, making up or redoing past assignments, or studying with friends are all valuable ways that you can spend your time preparing for finals. Since everybody learns a little differently, find which method works best for you and stick with it. 


  • You’re all set!

Now that you have a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the remaining five weeks left, As long as you stick to a routine and commit to active improvement, the progress that you make in the time frame should be beneficial enough for you to be prepared for finals!