Letter To The Editor: Canvas

As of late, there have been some strong opinions regarding the new learning management system, Canvas. North Star News always welcomes your opinions and we want to know your take on this new tool.

Letter To The Editor: Canvas

Dear Canvas,

Overly complicated

I believe that Canvas is not the best way to do our e-learning. Assignments are everywhere, and it’s hard to keep track of all the work. Also, everything is disorganized, and it’s very difficult to find what needs to be done for homework or classes, resulting in a lot of great work. Plus, even though I have Canvas and emails hooked up to my phone, I have no idea when notifications come, and I get very delayed emails.

In addition, although it’s not totally related to Canvas, this e-learning environment is really bad for me. My grades are lower than they’ve ever been, my stress levels have greatly increased, and my mental health and social skills are at scary levels. I fear that students are choosing to stay home just so they can sleep in, and have less work. I find this to be unfair, because I, a freshman who has always had high standards for herself, am feeling the wrath from my mind, and my parents.


Amanda Steiner, Freshman


A Change 

Coming back to school was different this year. With Canvas, that is a dedicated site for our learning, it has brought a lot to us. Even though this may be the only year we use it, its system is well organized. It has all your courses in one section, and within the course it’s even more divided into grades, assignments, modules, and more. Also, Canvas has an option for changing up the notifications. This is very useful for any student whether they want to know something right away such as grades, or others who want a weekly summary of their work. But it’s limited since Canvas doesn’t alert me a day before when an assignment is due. This is harmful because our assignments can easily be marked as late without us noticing. To add on, I think the “To Do” section on the dashboard doesn’t help me. This is because I always have past assignments or past zoom links and I don’t pay much attention there. But I believe with time, we will end up being used to this format.


Mahum Ansari, Freshman


Canvas Is Bad

Please change Canvas. It is extremely difficult to use and Google Classroom was much easier. The app isn’t good either. It tells me things that have happened hours ago and it is very annoying. We barely had instructions on how to use it and more guidance would be great since it looks like we won’t be going back to Google Classroom. This is making everything more stressful on top of learning new assignments online instead of in person. 


Student A.


Assignment not submitting

Sometimes, surveys do not work or assignments will not submit even though you have pressed the button. And students get points off for that, even though it is not their fault. This should not be allowed.


Student B.



Honestly Canvas needs to be better organized. There is too much going on at once. The website is so hard to work with & always messes up assignments when they’re being submitted. 


Student C.


Please can we switch

I honestly don’t like canvas, I never get notified of missing assignments until it’s too late, I have no idea how to find my grades, and it’s just bad, can we go back to Google Classroom and Infinite Campus? That was so much easier and I did a lot better.


Max Smith, Junior