Remote Learning: What’s your opinion?

Due to Covid-19, Niles North High School will be following Remote Learning for the time being. Even though this semester is different compared to the Spring, 2019 semester, the North Star News Journalism team would like to know what Niles North students and staff think about the current Remote Learning experience.

  • I think that the right thing is definitely doing e-learning but at the same time many students including me work better in a school environment. I wish that there was an option to go to school or do e-learning because my brother works better with e-learning and I work better in school. I also wish we were in school because there are a lot less distractions especially when it comes to honesty because everyone has a phone and you are always so tempted to just search up all of the answers since there is no sense of discipline around you. Overall, it is the right thing to do and I wouldn’t want to risk anyone’s life so I will manage but I really hope we get to go back second semester so I can have some of my freshman year and my brother can have some of his senior year.
  • Being online gives my eyes and head so much strain because of all the screen time. Online line school just completely sucks. There are to many distractions at home and it makes it hard to feel like online school is working for us. Online school is just horrible. IL is not a hot spot yet places were there currently are major Corona infections they have opened the schools. Are school is very behind in reopening stages. Life needs to move on already.
  • I don’t like remote learning because the work load is much harder to handle, and it’s hard for me to find motivation. We’re only a few weeks into school but teachers have been assigning more work that usual, and since there’s no class time where we can do work (only zoom calls), we have to do it all on our own time. But I wouldn’t want to go back to school in person right now, because I don’t think it’s the safest option at the moment.
  • I hated the remote learning experience in Spring. Everyone was lazy, unproductive, and miserable. With this new school year, I think it’s better now that everyone is prepared. It’s not as bad at all. With the schedule that we have, it’s extremely flexible and light on coursework. It makes school 10x more easier since we have less homework.
  • Wish the first answer were in two parts. I’m not sure that I like it better than normal school, but I do agree that learning remotely is the best way to go for now. I don’t trust everyone to wear their masks, and the rooms are already hot and stuffy when the windows are closed.
  • I think that the way this whole thing is run will never be perfect, which is unfortunate, but I would rather do that then be at risk.
  • For me personally, I really prefer E-Learning. I’m a pretty anti-social person, and I do work at a fast pace. I feel that E-Learning really brings the best out for me. I’m a good listener too, I retain information easily. Not only that, we also are staying safe. I will not feel safe until there is a vaccine.
  • I’m away from people, meaning away from corona. I like remote learning. I can work on my own in the comfort of home. Amazing. Chef’s kiss. Love it love it! Still can’t wait to go back to school (when it’s completely safe to.)