New thriller released on Netflix: Dangerous Lies

2020 Suspense Movie on Netflix: Dangerous Lies


2020 Suspense Movie on Netflix: Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies is the recent addition to the Netflix original movie directed by Michael M. Scott. The thrilling storyline really grabs your attention. This 90-minute suspense thriller keeps you engaged throughout the duration with lots of story twists. 

A young couple who is going through financial breakdown starts a new journey when the female lead joins an old man’s mansion as a caretaker. That’s where the real suspense begins.

Many indeterminable things happen which keep the viewers thinking: who’s behind all this? And the mystery continues even further. This film is so watchable thanks to a tight plot, a limited number of characters, and no overdose over dramatic situations. The plot was built up at a good pace without leaving any gaps and the introduction of all the characters took place in an orderly manner.

While watching, my interest never flagged off. The storyline and the strong plot makes the movie one of the finest suspense thrillers so far on Netflix. One thing I didn’t like about the movie was the diner scene; I felt that it had no significance to the plot.

Camila Mendes stars as Katie, a financially struggling caretaker from south Chicago and Jessie T. Usher stars as Katie’s husband, who stopped going to his grad school classes. Overall I really like the movie; it’s highly watchable because of its strong script and realistic acting.