Sony releases back button attachment for their DualShock 4 controller

Two months ago, Sony released an attachment that gives gamers a chance to improve their performance in games such as Call of Duty, FIFA, NBA 2K and Madden.

Sony achieved this by developing an attachment that plugs into your headphone and extension cord ports in your DualShock 4 controller. It benefits gamers by giving extra buttons for them to optimize for loads of customizations to their gameplay experiences. Users can have up to 3 different profiles they can use for the two buttons. 

The reason why this is a very significant attachment for the DualShock 4 is because it’s a cheap alternative to other solutions such as grips from Kontrol Freek which cost $20 but wear off in less than 3 years. They’re also a cheap alternative to third-party performance controllers from Scuf Gaming which cost more than $100 while the attachment only costs $30. 

YouTubers such as Mystic, Flea, and Lamar Wilson gave very positive reviews, saying that the attachment can help gamers improve their performance in-game for a cheap price. 

In my opinion, I felt that the attachment was a smart move for Sony not just because it would be innovative but also that it competes well with other alternatives excellently for its value you’re getting for $30. I hope that Sony maybe can release a similar attachment but with 4 buttons with more profiles so that people can significantly boost their performance in-game even more.