Why wearing a mask is so important and how to make one


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Many people unknowingly infect others by going out and spreading germs by coughing or touching others, when not wearing a mask. Masks act as a physical barrier to protect yourself and others from viral and bacterial particulates.

“Wearing a mask is good for two reasons: It’s going to cut down 95 percent of the breathing that sends the virus up to 6 feet away in a room, and also will reduce fecal/oral transmission by preventing the virus from getting into your nose or mouth” if you touch a contaminated surface and then your face,” Dr. Luke Padwick, an emergency physician and founder of Austin Emergency Center in Texas Healthline. And continues by saying “I think this will slow down the virus a lot.”


Speaking of the importance of face masks here is how to make one with and without sewing: 

With no sewing:  With sewing 
Things you need: 

  1.  Bandanna
  2.  2 hair ties: 
Things you need: 

  1. Scissors
  2. One told tee shirt that you can cut into 2 10”x6” rectangles 
  3. 2 hair ties 
  4. Needle and thread or sewing machine
  1. Fold the bandanna in ½ ( or desired width ) 
  2. Place 2 hair ties 6 inches apart 
  3. Fold excess material inside of the mask 
  4. Done
  1. Cut two 10-by-6-inch rectangles out of the old tee shirt 
  2. Stack the two rectangles on top of each other ( this is for extra protection )
  3. Fold over the short sides ¼ of an inch
  4. Place the hair ties inside of the fold, but so that ½ is sticking out ( this will be the ear parts )
  5. Sew the edge of the folded fabric 
  6. Adjust so the mask fits your face.
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With the bandanna, mask try to Avoid handling the cloth without washing your hands. Be careful when taking it off to handle the mask by the bands, not the cloth. The Cloth masks should be washed daily or after every extended use. When washing it with a detergent containing bleach or a bleach-like ingredient, dry it, and it is good to go The no-sew face mask is a quick and easy fix, but if you want to make face masks for those who are running out, an essential worker, or to donate to a local hospital you should make the one that has to sew the pieces together one so it lasts longer. 

Please remember to wear a facemask when leaving the house. Stay safe.