Despite the distance, students show support for one another

From Limin Dove, NN Chinese teacher:

“In November 2019 Niles North / West High School established a partnership with Fuzhou No.1 High School, Fujian, China in a bid to enhance a friendship and culture exchange between two schools. We started an exchange program and were going to take our students to visit the school and a couple other cities in China this summer. Unfortunately, the trip has been canceled. The Fuzhou school was closed for more than two months, and gradually opened this month.”

“Students from our Chinese program sent their best wishes with a wishing wall, a few videos and some pictures to cheer them up in March. On April 6 I received a reply email from the Fuzhou school, and the Chinese students sent us two drawings to wish us well and cheer us up. I am sharing the drawings here. I think this is something nice to share with our community during this difficult time.”