Have a slice of Pi day fun

Have a slice of Pi day fun

UPDATE: Golden Ticket winners are named in math classes. Congratulations!

Pi Day is on Saturday, March 14 and Niles North has some plans for it.

“Pi Day is a celebration of the number pi = 3.1415926…  We celebrate Pi Day every year on 3/14. Get it?” Niles North math teacher James Behling said. 

“Math teachers celebrate Pi Day in different ways, including talking about the history of pi and having a contest to see who can recite the most digits of pi (the digits of pi go on forever).  If you search the internet, you will even find songs about pi. At Niles North we celebrate Pi Day (which is on a Saturday this year) by holding a circle drawing contest,” Behling said.

The school is also continuing its yearly circle drawing competition.  One student from each year will compete to see who can draw a perfect circle or the closest to one.  The winner will be awarded a $25 gift card.  

This competition will take place during the pep assembly.  The assembly will be in the morning on Friday, March 13, as well as the final circle drawing competition.

To compete in the competition students will first have to draw the best circle, which will be done on Wednesday, March 11 during all math classes. 

After winning their class competition, students will then compete once again during their lunch periods on Thursday, March 12. The students with the best circles from each grade will compete during the pep assembly.