NN Art Class makes tribute to Black History Month

Advanced Studio Art students honored Black History Month through their sightly pieces which were partnered projects displayed in the NN Black History Month Assembly on February 20. Visual Art and Ceramics instructor Amy Zwikel wanted to encourage conversations about race through these assignments.

 “I think it is important to celebrate and honor Black History Month. I chose an assignment that encouraged students to discover contemporary black artists and their unique artworks,” Zwikel said. She is proud of their work especially since the partnered projects haven’t been assigned before in NN art classes. 

There are themes in the topics such as black significant figures, cultural appropriation, racism, and appreciation.  Each pair of students were required to take inspiration from a black artist and learn from their techniques or topics. The artists were given the freedom to choose what stories they wanted to tell.

If you are interested in their art, take time to go to the lobby where their work is exhibited alongside the other beautiful portraits and photographs.