Finals are coming and it’s time to study

Photo Courtesy of Pixabey

Photo Courtesy of Pixabey

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From December 18-20 final exams will be administered here at Niles North, and along with that comes the stress and dread of the students. Finals can be very stressful for students who don’t prepare for their finals, which is we why we could all use some tips and advice to prepare. 

First, you should go to the official Niles North Final Exams website to figure out your schedule, the bus schedule, and what times you can go to the library to study. 

One of the many weaknesses of high school students is falling under the power of procrastination. We do something that we should have done a few days ago on the day before. For finals, it is very important not to procrastinate. Find the things that distract you from studying whether it maybe your phone, watching TV, or anything else. Then, you get those things out of your sight for awhile until you are done studying. You need to set a certain time in the day for yourself to only study. 

Since Final Exams are coming up, the North Star Journalism team would like to know any studying tips any of the NN teachers may have for the students. ”

Not all finals are weighted equally as others, so find out which ones are most important to your grades and GPA. Let’s say in English you have a 96% in your class, and you are pretty well off on the subject. But in Algebra, you have a borderline grade of 79% and you want to get an 80% on your overall grade. You should study more Algebra than English, since you have more trouble with the other subject. 

Another way to strategize is to find out what grade you need to make on the final to get the desired grade you want. On Mr. Ruth’s website, there is a final exam calculator that will tell you what score you need to get for the grade you want. It will help you see what final exams you really need to focus on, and which ones don’t need a lot of attention. 

If you have trouble studying or don’t get some of the material, go to the Point or meet up with your teachers. You can set up an appointment to go to the Point here. Email your teachers this week, or ask questions on the specific things they have trouble with. 

Remember that finals are coming up, and you will have to prepare yourself for your exams. Hopefully, these tips will help in your studying endeavors.