Join Filipino club for halo haloween

Photo credit by @vegasdining

Photo credit by @vegasdining

Darlene Sese, Reporter

Filipino club is hosting their annual “Halo Haloween” by eating the most well known filipino dessert, halo halo while watching a Halloween movie on October 30 in the commons from 3:40 to 6:15pm with an admission of $5. 

Halo Haloween is a great event for students to come together, try a Filipino delicacy, and socialize with others under one culture.

“Some people make new friends whenever they go to a club. It’s not just for Filipinos, anyone from a different race can go there to eat halo-halo with their friends and watch movies with them,” Niles North Senior Guillani Cataring said.

Though there are multiple variations, halo halo’s main ingredients are shaved ice and evaporated milk, with optional ingredients such as the ube ice cream, gelatins, coconut strings, sweetened beans, and much more making it the perfect dessert to enjoy with friends. 

If you want to get even more involved in the culture, Filipino Club meets every Thursday after school in room 2400E.