God of Thunder booms box office

Gustavo Morales

This fall, Taika Waititi provides the Marvel fanbase with a more down to Earth portrayal of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), showing the viewer a comedic version of the character in Thor: Ragnarok. As a fan of the Marvel franchise, I was very satisfied walking out of the theater. The last thing I expected was being able to relate with Thor and his awkwardness. Despite being a god, the movie shows Hemsworth making innocent mistakes and playful comments allowing the audience to see him more as a person or human being. While Hemsworth creates a comedic atmosphere, he is also able to bring the intensity and seriousness back when trouble strikes his home-place.

When the movie begins, Asgard is being threatened by two different forces. First, a prophesied apocalypse told by the fire demon Surtur. Second, by Hela (Cate Blanchett) also known as the first child of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and long lost sister of Thor and Loki. After escaping from her banishment by Odin from years ago, she returns to Asgard as an intimidatingly powerful figure in hopes of taking over. With benevolence, Thor makes it his mission to save his home and his people. He teams up with an unlikely, yet formidable group of three characters. Tom Hiddleston returns as the charming, yet coy Loki who puts aside his schemes to support his brother on his mission. Hulk also makes a comeback, yet as a reigning champion of a planet called Sakaar. Last but not least, Valkyrie appears for the first time on screen. She stands her ground against everyone else and is perfectly capable of surviving on her own. The four of them join together to defeat Hela and her army.

I like that the movie was a premise for Thor to discover himself. Throughout the whole movie, he struggles to find his strength and often forgets what he’s fighting for. Hemsworth remarkably portrays Thor as charismatic and compassionate even through such an action packed series, allowing us to still get a sense of Thor apart from him being the god of Thunder. [REWORD + EXAMPLE]

One of the most appealing ideas that I got from the movie was that all of the characters are very different. They all start out with different lives and serve for different purposes, but director Taika Waititi does a great job of putting them together. Thor fights for good, Loki fights for the bad, Hulk fought under the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum), and Valkyrie worked under the Grand Master as well. Together, they had very good chemistry, making it fun and exciting for the audience as well. As a viewer you see the development of these characters and how they break the traditional superhero stereotype

Waititi was able to cleverly use Thor: Ragnarok to set in motion the anticipated movie Infinity Wars. He did this by showing snippets of Doctor Strange. He also seems to use the space setting to hint at Guardians of the Galaxy. In spite of having a more humorous movie, fans everywhere are still able to make connections between the movies in the franchise, which makes it all the more fun.

Thor: Ragnarok provides audience members everywhere a lively experience, one I highly encourage for all ages.