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1.  not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

No, I am not actually attracted to frying pans
That joke stopped being funny since it was never funny
I’m not bi nor confused
I’m not looking for attention

Here, let me try and explain this to you:

Imagine your dream soulmate. Their voice sounds like sweet honey to you.
You have similar interest. Blonde hair? Maybe blue? Oh, and they can make you laugh of course. They know how to play a round of video games and have this weird quirk you grew to love where they can’t pronounce this one word to save their life. Their body was handmade from the god that may or may not exist. Their eyes are always on you when you’re holding a conversation. You’ve told them things about yourself only your mother knows.

They seem too good for you, like they were made for something more.
Something greater,
Life changing.
Yet here they are, right in front of you

Does this sound right? Maybe you envisioned something different
And there holds the key

Without me saying any pronoun you naturally thought a boy or maybe a girl.
Bi people might think of both or a preference.

I only think of the human, my mind doesn’t make any major decision on the gender. It’s fluid between male, female, non-binary and anything else in between.

I am pan.


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