Spirit Stick: Is it fair?


Just before the spring pep assembly, our journalism class interviewed Kevin Monahan, the director of student activities. He was asked if the Spirit Stick competition at the pep assemblies was rigged so that the seniors won the stick and he replied that the competition was not rigged because it was judged by three unbiased teachers. At the Spring pep assembly, it came time for the Spirit Stick competition, and the juniors pulled out all the stops. They split the “purple sea,” they had cardboard Dr. McTague faces, they rowed the Viking boat, they had many posters and tons of toilet paper streamers. What did the seniors have? A black shirt, a yellow crown and one lame banner. I have to admit, the yellow crowns were cool… if we were all five-years-old.  But of course the “judges” gave the Spirit Stick to the senior class since it was the Spring pep assembly, the last pep assembly in their high school career. Future warning for all the freshmen and sophomores out there: Class of 2013 is going to dominate next year!