Flying through information for finals


The second semester of the 2021-2022 is coming to an end which means that Finals are coming sooner than later. For this semester the three final dates are May 16, May 17, and May 18. Here is the necessary student information.

A couple of reminders are that there is a 10-minute window between each period to get from class to class. Also, each Final exam period lasts a total of 80 minutes. 

Remember that even if your class period is not having a final you still must attend the designated location of your Final Exam. For transportation, the bus schedule is here

Preparing for your final is very important and some ways you can do is look over past assignments, notes, use a study clock/timer where you study for 30 minutes and get a break for 10 to organize thinking and ensure you are completely focused, and you can always ask your teacher for a study guide or tips on your specific class. They are there to help!