What are your thoughts on the rise of gas prices?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent gas prices across the country soaring at an unprecedented rate. As the Eastern European conflict continues to disintegrate global markets, causing stock market turmoil and injecting more uncertainty into an already struggling worldwide economy, the US Consumer Price Index skyrocketed by 7.5 percent in the past year, breaking a 40-year record. As a student or faculty/staff member at Niles North, North Star News would like to know how the recent inflation on gas prices in the state of Illinois has affected you.

Here are the responses we received from our readers.


“My family shares one car. We use the bus and train and El and Uber and our bikes and feet when we don’t have access to the car. Since the burning of fossil fuels is devastating our planet and leading to the existential threat of global warming, I am not dismayed by high gas prices. In fact, I’m eager for the lessons this time period offers us about how we can replace our addiction to gas with an aversion to using polluting, non-renewal oil.”

“It’s pretty rough. I’m usually the type that waits until I’m near E to just fill to full, and it’s a bit jarring to see that price tag on the screen. $60+ is a new game!! But in all seriousness, I can see this being a problem for those with long commutes and/or are living above their means. The pandemic probably increased overspending and compulsive buying.”

“It hasn’t affected me as much as some other drivers because my car is a hybrid but it definitely costs more to fill my tank. I make a lot of trips to STL and I am not excited to see how much I’m gonna have to spend on gas.”

“I commute an hour to work and it cost me $90 to fill my tank this week. If I multiply that per month, I’m paying $360 plus tolls just to get to Niles North.”

“It’s becoming more and more difficult to refill my tank, and pay more money, as my car is highly convenient for me to get to school.”

“I don’t pay for gas but my parents do and due to the raises I’m able to drive less for practice to get my license.”

“Driving is mandatory for me to get to/from work. And I’m still planning on a road trip during spring break.”

“I don’t drive, but it’s bad that they are increasing. There also seems to be a decent amount of inflation.”

“Makes you think about your travel plans and being more aware of how you drive.”



Here are the responses we received from our readers.


I’m going to lean toward the $4.75-$5.50 range. No one knows for sure how long this Russian invasion of Ukraine will continue, but I can’t see American life staying like this without some sort of deal from the top with another oil supplier. I could totally be wrong, but anything above $5.50 sounds a little bit much (that could also just be my inner voice hoping lol!)”

“I don’t have a crystal ball to look into the future. History has roared into our lives so ferociously and so unpredictably these past two years that I’ve learned to be humble about my ability to predict anything.”

“With the way things are right now, gas prices are definitely going to rise to at least another dollar with the war in Ukraine.”

“With the unrest in Europe and gas companies just knee-jerk raising the price, most likely price-gouging.”

“It’s really bad and I dont think it’s going to get much better.”

“It’s just going to keep on rising.”