Editorial: If you have to record, do so responsibly


For a long while, fights have broken out in school for what feels like once a week. There are fights in the lunchroom, in the hallways, and sometimes outside of school. That’s why NSN recently hosted a poll about what Niles North students thought about recording and sending/posting the videos. To say the least, the number of different perspectives was quite interesting, because realistically there is no “definitive solution” to the problem.

There is something about school fights that is fascinating enough to warrant multiple students surrounding two other people throwing hands. Perhaps it’s the desire to break out of the cycle that the average school day could bring to any student. Perhaps we all desire to see something actually interesting for once.

Whenever a fight breaks out, the most that anyone can do is stand there and watch. Nobody knows the circumstances as to why it would break out in the first place. Nobody even knows who they are. However, no questions are asked because oftentimes, it’s too late to even ask.

If people choose to record a fight, just because they stop recording does not mean the fight is over. There’s an old saying for this: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Not every student in this school has the ability to valiantly step in and save the day. Or perhaps no one wants to be the one to stop the fight because they’ll now be involved in the fight.

Now, sharing the fight on social media is another story entirely. Most fights are nowhere near public on a website such as Instagram or Twitter. Rather, you can find them on someone’s private story on Snapchat. Not there for the fight? Someone probably has it on their phone. Will they show it to you? Most likely. By the next fight, the cycle repeats. This is what makes things more complicated and even more violent than the fight itself.

So when two students try to take each other down, it feels like a moment that might as well go down in history. It’s a sight to behold that one might look back on. Whatever it is, there’s still a line that has to be drawn. If the school somehow finds a way to eradicate every single fight, consider this editorial worthless. Until then, let’s lay down some ground rules. If you’re going to record, report it to the school any way you can. If they’re unwilling to mitigate the amount of fights going on, it is up to the students to at least try to bring it to their attention. Sharing around only enables more fighting and helps no one.