Same D.C., different day

On January 6, 2021, President Trump supporters forcefully entered Capitol Hill when the House and the Senate were certifying presidential electoral college 2020 results. Meanwhile, in June 2020, when people came to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the scene at Lincoln Memorial was very different. North Star News asked for your thoughts on this current event.



This shows the bias of America. The National Guard wasn’t sent out for hours and it wasn’t even Trump. It was Pence. For the most part, the BLM protests were peaceful and turned violent because of the police being violent. There are differences between the causes as well that need to be acknowledged. The BLM movement is against police brutality and bias against people of color. They also didn’t break into a government building. The Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building all the way to the chamber and offices breaking thing as they went and fighting the law enforcement there.(which is pretty hypocritical considering they were the ones screaming back that blue lives matter during the BLM movement) As well as them protesting an election with no proof of fraud.


I am disgusted with the behavior of the people yesterday. back in the summer when people were fighting for their basic rights, they were shot down with rubber bullets, being kidnapped, terrorized, followed home, and sprayed with tear gas. Trump supporters made fun of the BLM movement, mocked black lives, and told us they would NEVER do the things the BLM movement did. the truth came out when they raided the white house. TERRORISM is the name for it. However, it will never be called by what it is because white people will always carry a certain privilege over those who have to still fight for their right to live. the BLM movement didn’t even get a chance to step foot by the white house. that says enough in my eyes.


That somehow people still think racism isn’t a thing anymore and it doesn’t exist. POC people will be out protesting for legitimate grievances and mind you 9/10 times it’s peaceful and they bring the freaking army? And white people get to barge into the capitol and steal things and act like it’s a gift shop without the police even caring? If you didn’t know a high percentage of police officers and law enforcers are Republican and most are Trump supporters. At BLM protests people were killed, people were getting beaten, the elderly were injured and so many lives were taken. Some of the Trump supporters storming the capitol were KKK members and nazis. I wouldn’t call this terrorism it’s more sedition. But Trump still refuses to condemn them. These are white supremacists, he said he loves them and that they’re special. These people like to hide behind all of these horrible things and say that they’re Christian or something. If you were Christian and read the bible this isn’t the way to act, the bible literally says “be kind to your neighbors.” Trump doesn’t want to do the work of the president he just wants the title. The root of all of his campaign is immigration laws and things like that, sorry if I’m getting off-topic but things like this anger me a lot. These people see immigrants and undocumented immigrants becoming successful and they get mad. They think that they deserve more, they’re treating themselves like they’re the most important people in the world. I don’t like that I have to watch my younger cousins and siblings ask “why do people hate us so much?”. Because the truth is I don’t even know anymore. Going out of my house at this time is scary for me, I was already wary of going out because I’m a teenage girl and now I have to worry that someone is going to attack me because of the color of my skin? I would like to do an experiment. These people experience what people of color go through every day of their lives. I would like to see the outcome.



These are two completely different Americas, complete polarization. There is without a doubt a double standard. The images are a perfect example of what white privilege looks like, and what bigotry and racism look like in this country, unfortunately. 


The force used against peaceful BLM protestors was excessive; only some police were needed to prevent and control violence. In the case of the Trump insurrectionists, the response was insufficient to protect the Capitol building. This resulted in the desecration of the Capitol building and a threat to our democracy. 


I feel like the police should have been aware or told so that they could have been ready and they were not ready until yesterday afternoon.



It’s honestly pretty troubling to see. The BLM protests were not harmful to the Capitol but they were quick to lock it down have police ready. But when Trump supporters storm Capitol Hill by force, some even brought guns, the response wasn’t the same. BLM was fighting for people’s rights while the Trump supporters didn’t agree with the new president-elect who was rightfully voted in.


I think this is just a prime example of white supremacy in this country. If Black people, Muslim, Hispanics, or any other minority had done a fraction of what the terrorists did, there wouldn’t be a single person alive. As of now, this country is run by a hateful, bigoted, egotistical, and frankly, stupid president. Because of this, his loyal followers who blindly follow him and only him have adapted his values and ideals. We need to get the man in that office out so he doesn’t leave more destruction behind (25th amendment….).


The police and national guard were so much more active for the BLM protests than the ones today, and the BLM protestors were so much more peaceful that the incredibly violent, not to mention deadly, protestors today. Odd that police were so much more lenient when it came to the much more violent protestors.



It’s not surprising to me that there were a minimal amount of cops at the capitol when trump supporters were rioting and that there were nothing being done to those rioters where during the Black Lives Matter protests people were getting tear gassed, hit with rubber  bullets, and being beaten for protesting basic human rights.


I am disappointed and I’m scared. We see the government and country as it is. No filter. No media. This is the truth, and this is America.


The government is failing people of color yet again, while people advocating for hate are yet again getting off scot-free, the United States def ration of democracy is evident by the recent actions of our president – Georgia phone calls, and unjust actions against different public outcry’s, I do not advocate for military violence but this begs the question why isn’t the military present now, the current state of the Republican Party is brainwashed and delusional, not only have they met no resistance to the breach of the capitol they are just let in, if this was to occur with people of color we would be branded as traitorous terrorist, the 2 images further unveil the curtain of hypocrisy the United States has been in for decades.



I’m thinking about the theory and the practice of democracy. I’m thinking about the concept of history written down and how narrow that is compared to real life lived by people. I’m thinking about Whiteness.



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